Primetime Olympic coverage is a huge deal in the Montgomery house. It takes us back to the first summer Michael and I dated. We had just returned from a month long trip to Uganda and moved in to “The Mods” (little mobile houses on campus across the walkway from each other). We hooked the TV up to a pair of bunny ears and watched what we deemed as “Prime Time Olympic Coverage” for 2 weeks straight. It was August of 2008 before our roommates moved in so we would lay on a blanket on the living room floor (hey we didn’t have furniture) and I swear we watched it around the clock… or, well at our private Christian University we had curfew.. so until 10:00pm when I had to kick him out. We’ve looked forward to the Olympics every 2 years since Beijing. This year we were so stoked for Miss Pickles first Prime Time Olympic Coverage that we had to celebrate with a special uni. We realize she won’t remember watching it with us but boy is it fun to instill the love for the games in her heart from a young age.

A few days ago my mom flew in to help with childcare. We love having her in town because she helps a ton, but she also brings gifts like Pickles Olympics uni and a new quilt just to name a few. For a few weeks months now we’ve been cracking up at the way Pickles puts her arms back when we hold her. Since Christmas we have said it almost looks like she is trying to be a super hero flying through the air. We never really could pinpoint what it was that she was doing but we always got a good laugh out of her signature move. When the olympics started my mom said, “A SKI JUMPER! That’s what she is! A SKI JUMPER!” Yes, that’s the exact move. She looks just like a ski jumper! We all had a good laugh and joked that maybe one day she would be in the Olympics for ski jumping…all because of this goofy move she does with her arms.

See exhibit A:

This morning I was working from home and locked myself in our bedroom so I could focus. Between calls I ran downstairs to grab some breakfast and refill my coffee. I turned the corner to see Mom and Pickles watching the TV. Mom was cracking up.

“Did you hear? The girl that won the Olympic Gold for Ski Jumping…. her name is MAREN!!! Spelled with an E. But, Maren!”

I seriously thought she was messing with me.

Google it.

Maren Lundby Olympic Gold Medalist.

So, 2034… we’re coming for you!

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