I’ve looked forward to the day that I turn 30 since the day I turned 21, and if I’m honest, probably even longer than that.  It might have been the fact that growing up my dad always told me how much he enjoyed his 30s or perhaps its my love of the movie 13 Going On 30? Either way, I’ve looked forward to my 30s for a very long time.

Megan 1920 Somethin’

All of that to say, the hype got to me a bit.  I had dreams of throwing a big 1920s themed birthday party with all of my friends and dressing up drinking fancy champagne sparkling wine  (you know, the kind that costs $16.99 and you can’t afford when you’re in your 20s…haha) and signature cocktails that I cleverly would name the Bees Knees and are probably made of gin and honey.  I wanted to dance the night away and take pictures in a balloon filled photo booth and have a grand ol’ time with all of my nearest and dearest.

Michael, Megan, Rachel, Jeff

Last October Michael and I moved out of town making my dreams of a big ol’ friends and family filled bash next to impossible.  When it came time to plan a birthday party my mom and my husband suggested something different.  I took their advice and planned an intimate night out on the town with my best friend and her (then) fiance.


Rachel and Jeff came up the first weekend in June.  I was very adamant that I wanted to celebrate dressed up like the 1920s while I was still in my 20s.  We had the absolute best time taking pictures in a homemade balloon filled photo booth, drinking expensive champagne (real, adult, expensive champagne) and wearing our adorable flapper ensembles and red lipstick out for the evening.  We took an Uber downtown, had cocktails at a hip little spot, had dinner at another, and spent the rest of the night at a brewery until Cinderella noticed the clock ticking down.  Before midnight we were back home, snuggling on the couch in our sweats, eating angel food cake and strawberries, watching an episode of Friends.  Just the way I like it, surrounded by my nearest and dearest.




Damn the Weather Seattle, WA

A few weeks later was my ACTUAL 30th birthday. I took the second half of the week off partly because I was planning Rachel’s bachelorette party and partly because my other best was flying to town for both my birthday and the bachelorette party.  Michael and I got up early and headed to the airport to pick up Cate. I could tell he had a little something up his sleeve…because I’m basically a modern day Nancy Drew. Also, I read my husband like a US Weekly magazine.  Also, because he has zero chill.

Surprise 1: Rachel is here! Heading to London Plane

When we returned from the airport I saw my favorite little silver Malibu with a red hibiscus flower on the rear tagged with an Oregon license plate parked in front of my house.  How much better could my day have been?  Michael pulled out a bottle of champagne, poured us mimosas, and told me the rest of the day would be for me.  I could have died a happy woman.

Surprise 2: Spa Day!


Surprise 3: Bambi the Traveling Necklace is here to play (and a crown for the b-day girl)


Surprise 4: Dinner at Asado Tacoma, WA


Lunch at my favorite spot, pedicures, and dinner out with my favorite humans.  Throughout the month I was showered with the most special, thoughtful, unique, and generous gifts of all time.  My people know me and love me so well.  30, you’re the best!



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