My husbands 30th birthday and our 10 year (dating) anniversary happened on the exact same day! Yes that means we stared seeing each other when he was 19!!!! Holy cow.

I really love birthdays and I think 30 is one for the books. I set out with an original plan of surprising him with a trip to San Francisco to see the Giants and Dodgers play. While the “surprise” element got derailed by, well, let’s just say “life”, we still made it to San Francisco. We’ve traveled quite a bit with Miss Pickles over the past 9 months so we knew what to expect. Traveling with a 9 month old is quite a bit different than traveling as a married couple sans babies, but it is just as fun!

We started out bright and early on Saturday which was Mr. Makings actual birthday. We headed straight for the airport and set on our way. Miss P got so many compliments on her giraffe onesie. It blows my mind that people call her a boy even when she’s wearing a pink and gold glittery onesie and a headband… I digress.

Onboard our flight Miss Pickles watched her very first Disney movie picked out by Mr. Making of course, the Lion King (followed by Toy Story… because well, 9 month old attention spans)! She was much more interested in using the buttons than actually watching the movie. No problem there! Furthermore, our little traveler was quite excited to interact with anyone that would pay attention to her.

When we landed we headed straight for BART and hopped on the first train into the city. When we got off we loaded up with a caffeine fix and set out for our hotel. I begged the hotel to let us check in early. I sweetened the pot by showing my adorable (yet very tired) baby to the front desk lady. I explained that we had a long day of celebrating ahead and we ALL needed a nap! She graciously allowed us into our room AND waived the fees! New parent score!!!

Miss P and I got to nap in prep for our adventures ahead. After a few weeks of training at my new job I REALLY needed the rest. I felt like I hadn’t slept more than about 20 minutes at a time in over a week. To say I was exhausted was an understatement. I can always judge my level of exhaustion by the amount of satisfaction I get with a small power nap. Like mama like baby!

Then it was time for the big game! It was Miss Pickles first time to the ball park (outside of my belly). This was a day I’ve looked forward since before she was born! The pictures speak for themselves.

We didn’t spend much time at our seats. Instead we walked around, grabbed food and beers, and kept Pickles entertained. I realized when we left, I couldn’t even tell you who pitched (aside from Pablo Sandoval in the 9th because THAT was cool) or even what the score was (other than the Giants got their ass whooped) at any point throughout the game or after we left. This is a totally different experience.

After Miss P went down for the night I took birthday boy to a really nice dinner with a killer bottle of wine and way too much food. Special memories!

We had a great time all around! Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

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