A long trip to Laborland

On the way to the hospital Michael and I were plotting out our game plan for arrival as I gave him directions to get to the there (yes he didn’t know how to get to the hospital…haha). It was pretty hilarious and exactly what I imagined it would be like. He even said to me at one point, “you should just be driving”. I’m the driver in our family and throughout my pregnancy I often joked about driving myself to the hospital when I went into labor. It was really fun to not be in pain heading down because we were cracking jokes the whole time and enjoying the process. We decided to pull up in front of the emergency room because they could bring out something to help with my current state of “leaky”. The valet at the hospital was already closed so emergency it was. At this point it had gone beyond “leaking” and was more in a “waterfall” phase. I easily could have walked from the parking garage, but the puddle that would follow behind me deterred me from making that decision.

When we got to the hospital Michael pulled up in front of the ER and went inside to let them know I was there. They brought out a wheelchair with a sheet on it. I opened the car door and a nurse started cracking up. She said, “did you forget to put pants on?” We all got a good chuckle! I said, “no I have a dress on I just didn’t want it to get soaked so I pulled it up!” She laughed and explained that she seen it all and that you never know what goes through mom’s head when she goes into labor. Forgetting to put on pants would almost be fitting. One of the other nurses ran back inside to get a cover to put over my lap so I wasn’t fully exposed. I sat in the wheelchair as they pushed me through the ER. Michael went to park the car and said he can meet up with me when I got to the room. On my way in through the emergency room they stopped at a desk for the nurse asked me a few questions. They said that Michael couldn’t remember the year I was born when he checked us in and needed to verify (haha at this point he was so nervous but I was cool as a cucumber). I gave them the information and off we went. The nurse was still chuckling thinking I forgot to put pants on and she wheeled me through the emergency room, passed a group of paramedics, doctors and nurses. She said hi to a few people, including the paramedics that asked if she was on duty all night and where she was taking her patient. “L&D!”, she said as we scooted around toward the exit doors. At that moment I it hit me, holy crap! IM HAVING A BABY! I got emotional… then started worrying about Michael. I wanted him there with me so badly. We got to the maternity ward and the ER nurse passed me off on another nurse. I was officially being admitted! We got to my room, didn’t even stop by triage. A nurse named Erica came in. She started asking me a bunch of questions and told me she was admitting me based on the large amount of fluid I was leaking. She didn’t even need to check to make sure it was amniotic fluid. We joked and laughed and hit it off right away. A few minutes later Michael came in with all 3 of our backpacks (Maryns too!) and announced the snacks didn’t make it to the car. Whoops! Erica kept asking me questions as she sat with me and we chatted. She explained if I was in any pain they wouldn’t be so casual or take the time to do all of this but since I was good she got all of the medical paperwork out of the way. It took almost an hour. She asked me everything from my blood type, to delivery preferences, to religion and family origin. I kept cracking jokes and had her laughing pretty good. I even told her about the arrival through ER with no pants on. I was feeling contractions but they weren’t painful they were just “there’.

After she Erica finished with the questions she had a few other things to do like start my IV and call my midwife. I really connected with her in the first few moments I spent with her. We were sitting in the room as she was filling out papers and she got a big grin on her face. I could tell something was on her mind. She asked if we knew what the baby was. “Yes, it’s a girl!” I told her. It was always so fun to say that out loud because we hadn’t told anyone outside of complete random strangers (flight attendants and waiters/waitresses) and of course our medical staff what the baby’s name or gender was. Erica smirked and said, “Does she have a name?” “YES!” I replied, “Maryn.” Erica got a huge grin on her face and said she knew because she read it on my medial chart. I was completely baffled by this because I had only once briefly mentioned it to my midwife and never knew her name was on the medical records. Erica kept smiling. “What?, I finally asked. She said, “Marin is my daughters name too. I see you spell it Maryn, we spelled it Marin”. I was absolutely shocked… I smacked Ericas arm in complete disbelief! I was truly blown away and told her I didn’t know anyone else named Maryn and how special it was that I got to meet her. Such a cool moment. I wish Erica was my nurse for longer. She was off that evening at 11:00pm for shift change. When she finished getting us checked in she started my IV so she could start giving me penicillin. It was around 10:30pm and I was officially admitted. She also recommended I eat something before I try and get some rest. I truly wasn’t hungry, probably because I was so excited about what was happening. She ordered me a turkey sandwich (fancy name for two pieces of bread and a slice of meat), a bag of chips, and a juice. When the sandwich arrived around 11:00pm, and when I saw it I was really glad I had it! Erica called my midwife to let her know I was admitted. My midwife ordered that my fluid be tested to confirm it was indeed my bag of waters. They did the first strip test and it came back negative. We were both in disbelief! She did another and immediately it turned green. We were both relieved knowing there was no way the amount of fluid I was leaking couldn’t possibly be anything other than amniotic fluid. My midwife also recommended I have Cervidil placed, a vaginally inserted drug to ripen my cervix, to get things going. I asked a bunch of questions and eventually decided to decline the medicine and see how labor progressed throughout the night. My game plan was intervention free birth… step one patience! We made it this far I wasn’t willing to give in yet.

I was really excited that my midwife, although not on duty at the time, said she would be the one to see me through delivery. The nurses were pleased about this too and said it’s not entirely common for that to happen. I was really fortune that my midwife was willing to do this for me. I sent a few text messages to let a some family and close friends know I was in the hospital and my water broke. Everything at this point felt surreal. I was excited to be checked in and thrilled that things happened without a scheduled induction. I was so full of gratitude that I didn’t need to be induced that the “high” of excitement kept me from feeling much pain. My head was clear, I was fully present, and I was excited to see what the next few hours held!

Food network on TV, husband settled in, mama hooked up to an IV, monitoring baby’s heart rate and contractions, freedom to hang out and enjoy the process!

Erica came in at 11:00pm to introduce me to my new nurse, Ashley. I was so sad to see Erica leave and wasn’t sure I would like another nurse as much as I liked her.

Laborland status: -3, 0% effaced, dilated 1cm. We’re in for it….

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