A week with Pickles

I took a week off work for Thanksgiving and boy am I glad I did. I had a week of singing Christmas songs while dancing around the house with Miss Pickles. Oh what fun! I am so excited to kick off the holidays with a joyful pep in my step. Only a few more weeks and I get another week off for Picks first Christmas. This week was full of GOODNESS and joy!! We originally planned to go to Portland for Thanksgiving to meet up with our sweetest cousins. However, last minute we decided that some time home was just what we needed. We celebrated low key with some local friends that are also transplants from out of state. They brought their 7 month old BFF over and we had a grand ol time with our gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free and corn free feast. Our meal was shockingly delicious and full of the regular merriment! We all cracked up when our friends showed up both wearing plaid, just like the two of us! It was meant to be.

It was also a week of exciting new things. Miss Pickles started laughing, started sitting in her high chair, attended her first tailgate, and was dedicated at church. She also wen Black Friday shopping with us. We felt crazy… and festive! Next year I’ll be able to have a peppermint mocha‚Ķ until then enjoy our festive photos!

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