Mommin’ Hard

I’ve been mommin hard over here for a whopping 2 weeks. I figured it was time to sit down and write out some memories…you know the things I don’t want to forget about as time goes on.

First of all, Maryn is perfect. That probably goes without saying. But, she really is a dream. She has her moments (usually around 11:00pm and 4:00am that she’s inconsolable and pissed off at the world… quite a bit of drama…) but other than that she really is quite easy. We’re exhausted and super sleep deprived. But life goes on. It’s hilarious when people say things like “get some rest!” and “sleep when the baby sleeps!” Haha. 

We’ve been keeping busy around here. Lots of staring at her and learning all about her. Somehow, in the midst of the chaos we find a few moments to breathe. Or do a load of laundry. 

The laundry, oh the laundry. I always heard new moms talk about the amount of laundry. Good God the laundry! I’m also a crazy person when it comes to dirty clothes. If it has one tiny bit of something on it… DIRTY! WASH IT. Immediately! The funny part, Maryn doesn’t believe in tiny bits of anything. When she poops…. she POOPS! When she spews, those spewie guys are kinda like the scene from the Exorcist. It’s an all out circus around here. I now understand why people say it’s hard. ITS REALLY FRICKEN HARD!

She also has some super fun things about her. She has this patch of hair (okay fuzz) on the top of her left ear. I first noticed it in the hospital and thought it was a fuzz from the blanket. I went to pull it off and realized it was attached! I love it and I’m sad for the day that her bear fur will fall off because I know her little ear will lose it’s fuzzy patch. 

She also gets a nice boob print on her face when she nurses HARD. She knows how to go hard too. Michael calls it Motor boatin’. She’s a nursing queen. 

Everyone that’s seen her in person says how much she looks like Michael. Before I had her I worried that crazy hormones would make me sad if people said she looked like him. The opposite couldn’t be more true. I LOVE it. I love seeing those two together. He’s the best dad in the world. He changes all of the dirty diapers he can (when he’s home) he rocks her to sleep, he snuggles her on his chest, he talks to her in funny voices and calls her Mrs. Pickles and Grumptard on the daily. He loves her so much it’s silly! All of that to say, when she makes funny faces (OH THE FACES!!!) he adoringly looks at her and says “you look just like the mom!” Apparently she has my expressions. She did a one eyebrow, tongue out, cross eyed duck face look the other day and Michael busted up laughing saying he’s seen me do that face. I looked at him without seeing her and said “this one?” And we both got a good laugh. Apparently I’m a professional at replicating her gassy faces.  

There are some things that have significantly made my life easier as a first time mom. I never want to forget the things that I’ve loved especially if I’m ever stupid brave enough to do this again.

Aside from the mesh undies, ice packs for sore lady bits, Lanolin, and all of the one handed snacks a mama can handle.. these are some of my favorite PP necessities that really don’t get the kind of recognition they deserve.

1. Eye mask– sleeping during the day is a LOT easier with an eye mask.  

2. Vitamin E and this Lush Bar

I didn’t get one stretch mark until a week from my due date when I got one right over my belly button ring hole. As the baby dropped over the next two weeks (AFTER my due date) I started getting tiny little stretch marks on my lower abdomen. They’re so itchy now that I’m recovering PP. I was complaining how itchy I was to a girlfriend of mine and she picked up this Lush bar for me. It’s not only soothes and moisturizers (guys the MOISTURE!!!) but it also smells so so good.  

3. Straws- nursing moms need straws. It makes staying hydrated a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about tipping a glass or spilling on your baby.

4. A heating pad. 

This one came from a doctor Michael has been seeing for his back who has a 5 month old baby. He was telling his doctor that we have a hard time transferring her when she falls asleep on our chest or in our arms to her Dock-A-Tot or her Rock N Play. She recommended putting a heating pad for a minute or two inside the sleeping vessel to warm it up and then remove it to put her to bed. GUYS! THIS IS NOT A JOKE. It worked like magic. Transferring a sleeping baby has become our jam! NOTE: Remove the heating pad after 1-2 minutes and Duhhhh don’t put the baby on the heating pad! We did NOT do that. I just want to be clear.

5. Halo Sleep Sack and the Rock N Play— these are life giving.

6. These pads for PP bleeding. And for transporting your leaky vagina to the hospital after your water breaks. Also, puppy pee pee pads will save the interior of you car. Trust. 

7. Champagne and Starbucks. (Mom life)

8. This YouTube video was shared with me from The Domestic Mermaid.  It’s one of the best things to happen to my life. Note to moms…turn your phone over the video is creepy.

9. Oxyclean.

Sleep deprivation is a real thing. When M spit up all over her Dock-A-Tot I threw it into the wash with some other dirty clothes. When the wash was done I realized that I had put brand new teal terrycloth burp rag in with the Dock cover resulting in a dye transfer to my bright white Dock turning it this hideously ugly dingy bluish grey color. I cried. And googled what to do. I soaked the Dock cover overnight in Oxyclean and sure enough it’s (almost) perfectly white again.  

Overall mommin hard ain’t easy. I have so much respect for women (families) that do this more than once. It seems impossible right now to imagine!   What are some of your favorite unsung PP heroes?


Okay guys, true confession… I really dislike the term “babymoon”.  I have an issue with the whole enjoy yourself now because once baby is here your life is over mentality.  However, I’m also not one to be shy about an excuse to #TreatYO’Self 

Before you start rolling your eyes, I understand life will look different after baby. I get it. With that said, we also have tons of friends (that we admire the heck out of.. and are committed to supporting us on this journey) that are intentional about maintaining a “normal” life after baby. Meaning, they have fun with friends and they prioritize their relationship. Mr. Making and I have spent tons of time talking about the way we will commit ourselves to each other and to maintaining our identities after baby is here.  Things will look different… but our life is NOT going to be over!

All of that to say, we’ve wanted to sneak away for a little R&R at the Salish Lodge since we journeyed to the PNW. We spent 2 years looking for a good excuse for a staycation! Enter: BABYMOON!!! Aka Birthday/Mothers Day/Father’s Day/Baby is coming soon combined CELEBRATION! And celebrating we did. #massages #soakertub #toomuchfood #sparklingcider #YOLO
T- ONE MONTH MICRO! Baby, don’t you dare make us wait any longer….. ūüėČ


Fathers Day Weekend

This Father’s Day was really special this year. We had our best friends in town from Portland for the weekend to celebrate the guys first Father’s Day! We started out the weekend having a backyard fiesta at our house to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Micro Montgom. It was a ton of fun. So much fun, I hardly got any pictures! On Sunday, we took our guys to the Washington Brewers Festival for beer tastings (for the guys) and root beer tastings (for the gals). Enjoy the pics!

SoCal Baby Fiesta

A few weeks ago several of my dear friends from Southern California threw me the most sweet, intimate, and lovely Baby Fiestas of all time! They literally thought of everything and rolled it into the perfect baby party that totally represented ME and all things I love. I had a great time seeing some of my friends and family and hanging out with the people that mean the most. Enjoy some pics of the special occasion!

Milestones and Memories

April and May were super busy months full of milestones and preparation for the arrival of our Micro.  I feel so accomplished as I wrap up all of my loose ends before the baby is here.  Even though June is coming to a close (meaning April and May feel like such a long time ago) I wanted to take some time to document all of the excitement that happened during those few weeks of chaos.  I had a bunch of work deadlines to complete and a few personal deadlines too.

Over the course of a few weeks I traveled to Dallas, Chicago, and Philadelphia for work.  I also got to sneak in some fun while I was in all of those places.  Micro is my favorite little travel buddy.

First up was Dallas! I got a taste of sweet southern charm, learned a lot, met new friends, and even popped into Shake Shack for my favorite burger of all time.  If only I had time to get away to Magnolia Market.  Oh well, next time!

Then came Chicago! We got a chance to go to a Cubs game. What a dream come true for this baseball loving gal. It was Micros first trip to the ball park, Chicago dog and all!

Next was Philly, and this history loving gal enjoyed visiting Independence Hall, taking a carriage ride through the city, admiring the Liberty Bell, and even running up the Rocky stairs.


We also celebrated my first Mothers Day by going to church in the morning, shopping for Micro in the afternoon, and wrapping the day up with a relaxing evening at home. Michael blew me away with his thoughtful and sweet Mothers Day gift, a pair of pearl and diamond earrings symbolizing our two birth stones as well as a bouquet of roses.  Wow, I love that man!

Somewhere in-between trips all over the country and celebrating Mothers Day I had the opportunity to attend a Jenny Cookies Workshop with my darling friend Kristen and also sneak away for a date night with Mr. to the Tim and Faith concert.  We jammed SO much into such a short period of time.

Fun memories all around.

Pregnancy Announcement

I was so excited to learn that we would be expecting our MicroMontgom in Summer of 2017 because it was perfect time to tell our friends and family right around the holidays.

We made a video featuring some of the special reactions.  Watch it here!

Like I mentioned before, we announced to our CrossFit friends and coaches before any of our family.  It only felt right to let them in on our secret.  One of my favorite coaches burst into tears when I showed her a picture of the positive pregnancy test.  It was one of the sweetest moments of my life.  I wish so so badly I had this moment captured on film.  Pure joy!

Next we told our BFFs Rachel and Jeff during Thanksgiving.  You can read all about that HERE!

Then announcements came back to back as we started filling loved ones in our secret.

Mr. Making and I love traditions. ¬†Okay, I LOVE TRADITIONS. ¬†Therefore, so does Mr. Making. ¬†Last year started a new PNW Tradition with our friends Tim, Heather, and their kiddos. ¬†The weekend after Thanksgiving we pack the cars up and head out to cut down a Christmas Tree. ¬†Some of my favorite PNW memories will surely be our traditions doing life alongside T&H¬†as parents. ¬†I told Mr. that the best time to announce our pregnancy to them would be while we get our yearly photos in front of the truck after we chop down trees. ¬†He loved the idea and agreed immediately. ¬†Just our luck, it began pouring as they were posing for their photo. ¬†I was recording and Mr. was taking photos. ¬†I had to rush the process…. I hope they got a cute picture out of it.

For Christmas this year my mom and her husband came to visit. ¬†Mom has been an avid Christmas ornament collector for years. ¬†She quite literally has hundreds. ¬†I knew the way I wanted to announce to her was by creating an ornament for her to hang on her tree. ¬†I thought the Mini M&Ms, alongside the notes that say “Grandma” and “Grandpa”, and the Mini M&M ornament were a dead giveaway. ¬†It took way longer for her to figure it out than I expected. ¬†She got there eventually.

With Dad and Mary I wanted to do something with a Christmas gift so we got Dad and iPad Mini and uploaded a picture of MicroMontgom to the home page. ¬†Dad enjoys FaceTiming with us but didn’t have an iPad to do it on. ¬†His reaction was really sweet because he thought the iPad was the surprise. ¬†Such ¬†special moment!

We set up a FaceTime call with Brian and Gretchen on Christmas morning.  Little brothers can be quite the pestРYES, at the time we had been married over 5 years, NOРmy uterus is not something to make bets on.  Gretchen had the sweetest response.  She got teary and later (not featured in the video) said that being an Aunt is her favorite thing of all time.  She melted my heart.

My MIL and FIL were BEYOND excited as we showed them our “fun new year video we made” AKA our Pregnancy Announcement Video. ¬†We were in the Bay Area visiting for the weekend because I threw my SIL a baby shower. ¬†We opted to invite MIL and FIL¬†to our hotel room before going to dinner with the whole fam. You hear¬†me in the video tell Mr. Making, “I told you we shouldn’t have done this in the lobby”. ¬†Watch the video, you’ll understand why the hotel lobby would have been a bad idea. My MIL was beyond…. every time I watch this video I burst into laughter watching her. ¬†So glad we have this captured. ¬†Micro is so loved by Grandma and Grandpa!

My aunt devised a plan for me to be able to FaceTime with my Grandparents. ¬†It’s so special that I was able to watch their reaction. ¬†I think my Grandma knew what was up because she figured it out RIGHT away! ¬†She’s been waiting for this moment for quite some time. ¬†Grandmas know best.

Finally we got to tell SIL and BIL with a Christmas present. ¬†A few weeks before Christmas I asked my mom to hand paint (it’s her thing) two onesies with “Best Friends” hearts on them. ¬†I told her they were for two of our friends that are having babies about 6 months apart. ¬†She gladly agreed and brought them out with her for Christmas. ¬†It was fun explaining to her that yeah.. those onesies?… they’re for Micro and my Niece to wear. ¬†We gave SIL and BIL the gift with little signs attached to the onesies that said “Baby YOMO” on the 6 month onesie and “MicroMontgom July 2017” on the other. ¬†My favorite reaction is my sweet SIL who immediately got it and kept saying, “you’re pregnant!”…..”YOU’RE PREGNANT!” ¬†I kept waiting for Mr. to say something… he was SILENT the whole time. ¬†Finally, I said “surprise!” ¬†Her reaction is MY FAVORITE REACTION TO DATE. ¬†Such a special and sweet moment. ¬†I am thrilled to become a mama alongside this SIL of mine.




Half Baked

My pregnancy tracker app notified me that I am 6 months pregnant. ¬†Wow! I can’t believe how quickly time flies. ¬†Micro Montgom is half baked (+5 weeks) and weighs over a pound! ¬†It’s been a beautiful journey so far!¬†¬†¬†I really want to document some of the fun things we’ve been experiencing over the past few months. Here we go…

One of the first things people ask when they find out I’m pregnant (other than the weird shit like, “Did you get pregnant in October?”) is “Have you been craving anything?” ¬†The answer is, nothing abnormal or strange. I’ve really enjoyed rainbow sherbet, cheese, raspberry sorbet, tart frozen yogurt, smoothies with raspberries, cereal with ice cold milk, cheap Chinese¬†lemon chicken from a raunchy little local dive Chinese food place, pickles, Sour Patch Kids, french and sourdough bread, and most of all ICE WATER! All of these things I enjoy outside of pregnancy so it hasn’t been “weird”. ¬†The one thing I found strange was my new found want for¬†Lemonade. ¬†None of my cravings have been nagging…meaning I could always go without… but I sure do enjoy indulging! ¬†I haven’t had any food aversions other than sometimes certain things sound better for dinner than others. ¬†I do notice I am the most picky around dinnertime. ¬†Outside of pregnancy Mr. Making and I try to eat clean. ¬†The other night he made roasted chicken, roasted carrots, and roasted potatoes. ¬†I only ate the potatoes and called it a night. ¬†Sometimes veggies don’t sound good especially if they’re cooked. ¬†Give me all of the cucumber and raw bell peppers please!!!! ¬†I guess you could add potatoes to the list of cravings too, because as I type this.. I’m picturing a baked potato loaded with butter, sour cream, and black pepper…… now I’m drooling.


-Feeling the baby wiggle around. I’ve been really fortunate, even with an anterior placenta, I started feeling movement super early.

-When Michael felt the baby kick for the first (second) time.  The baby started doing kickboxing class in my belly..Michael rushed over and put his hand on my stomach.  His hand quite literally popped up with the kick it was almost as if bebe was saying hi papa!

-Finishing all of the CrossFit Open workouts…taking first place in the scaled division at our gym on a few!

-Daydreaming about names for our future bebe. ¬†We’ve landed on a name we both really like. It has tons of meaning to both of us and we can’t wait to share it with the world!

I’ve been incredibly fortunate and super thankful to have an easy pregnancy. ¬†We’re talking no morning sickness and no real pregnancy complaints. ¬†I do pee a lot (thats nothing new), I had a cold for about 10 days and that sucked, and I can’t keep enough Kleenex on hand because my nose is a constant waterfall. ¬†Sleeping has been (insert eye roll here)¬†but I’ve had tons of energy so its okay. ¬†I’ve been a little itchy (hello itchy nipples WHAT ON EARTH?!), and my lower back has been a pain in the butt (S.O to my awesome chiropractor¬†that kicks ass with those adjustments). ¬†Truly, I have very little to gripe about. ¬†However there is a story thats worth sharing. ¬†Last weekend we went to Portland to visit our best friends. ¬†I found out earlier in the week I had to work on Sunday. ¬†You might be thinking thats the horrible part and I would definitely agree but the story gets worse. ¬†Picture this: I woke up a little before 6:00 AM (still not the worst part) to head to work. I took a quick shower, threw on my work clothes, and ran downstairs to find best friends hub cooking me up some breakfast. ¬†Rachel and I married the best men on earth! ¬†I told him I was in a hurry and would pass on breakfast. ¬†He insisted I take some coffee and a banana, good man! ¬†As I charged out the door I was glad to have the banana knowing that by the time 10:00 AM rolled around I would be starving. ¬†I decided to scarf down the banana before I even hit the highway. I plugged the address into my GPS (mind you, I was in Portland and had no clue where I was going) and was on my way. ¬†I touched base with my co-worker to give him an ETA. ¬†GPS was telling me the drive was about 25 minutes and that I would arrive about 5 minutes before our meeting. ¬†I told him I would call when I was in the parking lot. ¬†About 15-20 minutes into my drive I started feeling nauseous… my skin got clammy… and tunnel vision set in. ¬†I told myself to breathe as I tried not to panic. ¬†Picture this, 6 months pregnant, 6:30AM Sunday Morning, driving down a two lane highway in downtown Portland…NOWHERE to pull over. ¬†I tried running through every scenario in my head of what my options were. ¬†Pull over on the non-existant shoulder? And what? Wait to puke? Was I even going to puke? What was happenging? Do I throw my head out the window driving 70MPH down an unknown road risking crashing into a concrete barrier or worse another car? ¬†Do I pray I’m not going to be sick and breathe through it? Yes! Thats what I do. ¬†Windows down. ¬†Breathe! GET TO AN EXIT. BREATHE. ¬†Shit, theres a bag in the back seat. Dump out the bag. ¬†How far? GPS said ONE EXIT AWAY. ¬†Less than 5 minutes to desitantion. ¬†Make it off the highway. ¬†BREATHE! Don’t barf. Fresh air. OH GOD PUKE. ¬†Right in the bag…. on my lap. ¬†No worries right? Thank God I had a bag! ¬†WRONG. ¬†The bag had a GIANT hole in the bottom. ¬†I quite literally puked all over myself doing 70MPH (probably by this time I was only doing 45MPH) down an unknown downtown Portland highway on my way to work. ¬† Cue the waterworks. And a second round of vomit. ¬†I finally pulled off the highway, threw the half-assed “bag” of barf out of my car along with a giant wad of barf soaked Starbucks napkins I had stashed in my glove box. Between hysteria I managed to call my co-worker and tell him *all* about my situation. ¬†Not going to work. ¬†Drive back to Rachel’s house covered in vomit with¬†mascara dripping down my face. ¬†Get home, strip down inbetween tears. Take second shower of the day. ¬†Husband cleaned car. ¬†Best friend started washing machine. ¬†Fall back asleep. Wake up needing breakfast.

This whole parenting thing is HUMBLING and its only just begun.

**Sorry Portland, I know you’re like super green.. and crunchy granola..and stuff… and I’m kinda sorry about littering my “bag” (piece of plastic with holes in it) of vomit and puked covered napkins on your streets….but I’m also not really that sorry because I barfed all over myself. Call it even?**


Best Friend Thanksgiving Surprise

One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant (other than keeping the secret) has been sharing the secret with our loved ones.

Some of the very first people we told were our CrossFit coaches and friends. It was a little weird to me to workout in the first few weeks and I wanted somebody to know why I was going slower, lifting (a little) lighter, and avoiding double unders. I was truly convinced jumping would shake baby right on out. Haha. So we spilled the beans to those special people really early. There was little risk of word getting out since our new community here is distant from our community back home.  More on my friends at CF later.

As documented here, our best friends came to town to share Thanksgiving with us. I knew as soon as I found out I was pregnant that I wanted to tell Rachel right away.  There was no “waiting” until it was “safe” to share.  On top of wanting to share… Michael and I quickly realized we had to share.  There was no hiding a pregnancy for a whole weekend where wine promised to be flowing.  I’m not one to “pass” on the wine and I was most certain even the excuse of a Whole 30 wouldn’t work.  I started devising my plan.

A few weeks before Rachel got married in July she told me that she had a dream I was pregnant. She explained over text that I had put a pair of baby shoes at the top of the stairs in our house and when she came over she saw them sitting there. I took a screen shot of our conversation and at that moment and knew that would be how I would tell her when the day came.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving weekend, 2016 when my amazing husband helped me re-create the text thread I had with Rachel to include a few special details like a picture of the positive pregnancy test, and “Fun Aunt Rachel” as the contact.  Everything else is exactly duplicated from our conversation.  I printed the screenshot out, got a pair of baby Nikes (our favorite of course) and set them at the top of the stairs.  I also set up my camera to record her reaction.  The funniest thing, she didn’t even see the shoes at the top of the stairs when she got here.  She quite literally walked right past them.  Oh Rachel.

We also took the opportunity to take a few pictures documenting Micro’s Journey!  It was so fun to bring Rachel and Jeff into our little inner circle of secret keepers.

Finding out I’m Pregnant

Its been a while! I’ve been a little preoccupied making a human and things. ¬†I digress. ¬†I’m looking forward to finally sitting down and documenting¬†some of the most exciting things I’ve been up to in the past few months.

Lets start from the beginning.

On November 15th I took a pregnancy test and saw the faintest light pink second line show up.  I was pretty sure I was just seeing things. So I took a picture, sent it to my friend Yvette, and asked what she thought.  We both felt undecided and agreed that I was seeing things.  She suggested that I get a digital test and retry the next day.

That evening on my way home from CrossFit I stopped by the market and picked up FOUR (why?) digital pregnancy tests. I hid them in the cabinet under the bathroom sink to use the next morning.

First thing the next¬†morning, before I even got in the shower, I grabbed the pregnancy test I stashed in the cabinet below the sink, ripped open the packaging, and peed on the stick. ¬†I threw the cap back on and tossed it on the counter. Then read the box. ¬†I had to wait THREE WHOLE MINUTES¬†to get the result? ¬†I paced around the bathroom while the digital test blinked and steam billowed out from behind the shower curtain. ¬†In an instant (after what felt like 45 minutes) my whole world changed as the word “Pregnant” appeared¬†on the screen. ¬†I fumbled around reaching for my phone and took a picture as fast as I could. I was worried if I waited too long the digital screen would disappear. ¬†I hopped in the shower and immediately turned the temperature down for fears of hard boiling this baby! I’m crazy. ¬†I vividly remember placing¬†my trembling hands on¬†my stomach as I began to pray¬†for our growing little Micro. ¬†WHAT?!

I couldn’t imagine not sharing the news first with Mr. Making but at the same time I couldn’t imagine waking him up from his sweet slumber to announce to him I’m pregnant and then run off to work for the day. ¬†It was torture. ¬†I opted for shooting a text off to Yvette with nothing but a picture of the test and the words “OH SHIT!” … her response “OH SHIT!”

I wish I still had the screenshot of the conversation.  It was entertaining!

Before I left for work I threw the pregnancy test and the wrapper in a ziplock bag then tossed it in my work backpack to take with me for the day. I didn’t want Mr. Making to see the trash in the garbage can (OR HEAVEN FORBID THE POSITIVE TEST) and ask me about it over text. ¬†Whats worse than waking your husband up dropping the pregnancy bomb and heading straight to work for the day? Answering the text that reads “Whats up with the pregnancy test in the trash can?”…… #hidealltheevidence

I don’t even know how I kept myself together at work that day. ¬†One of my coworkers even asked me that morning “are you pregnant?” I smirked a coy little smirk at her and said…”maybe someday!” ¬†I don’t think she thought twice about my reaction.

After work I called Mr. Making and told him I had to run an errand for work and might be a little later than normal. What I really was doing was stopping by BevMo to get a surprise for him. ¬†I got home with a smuggled bottle of booze in my work backpack and¬†gave Mr. a kiss as I passed through the kitchen. ¬†I¬†ran upstairs to “change”. ¬†I threw my work clothes off, tossed some sweats on, and ran into my craft room to get to work. I trembled as I made the ugliest card of them all screwing up twice¬†before I finally was like “this isn’t going to be a masterpiece just do it Megan.” ¬†I wrote the card, wrapped the gift and headed downstairs with my phone in my hand ready to record his reaction.

I’ve known for years if we decided to have children exactly how I wanted to tell Mr. that we’re expecting. You see, my husband lived in a house on Bender Street during college with his best friends that we call “The Bender Boys”. ¬†When the guys all got married and moved out we decided to get together at least once a year for a tradition we call “BNDR Thanksgiving”. ¬†It also became a tradition that the newest dad in the bunch brought a nice bottle of whiskey to share at BNDR Thanksgiving.

Timing worked out perfectly since Thanksgiving was right around the corner.  I told my husband that we were celebrating his promotion and thats why I had a gift for him.  I really was celebrating his BIG LIFE FOREVER Promotion with a congrats card, and a bottle of whiskey, and the ziplock bag with the positive pregnancy test (and the trash). See his hilarious reaction here!