Okay guys, true confession… I really dislike the term “babymoon”.  I have an issue with the whole enjoy yourself now because once baby is here your life is over mentality.  However, I’m also not one to be shy about an excuse to #TreatYO’Self 

Before you start rolling your eyes, I understand life will look different after baby. I get it. With that said, we also have tons of friends (that we admire the heck out of.. and are committed to supporting us on this journey) that are intentional about maintaining a “normal” life after baby. Meaning, they have fun with friends and they prioritize their relationship. Mr. Making and I have spent tons of time talking about the way we will commit ourselves to each other and to maintaining our identities after baby is here.  Things will look different… but our life is NOT going to be over!

All of that to say, we’ve wanted to sneak away for a little R&R at the Salish Lodge since we journeyed to the PNW. We spent 2 years looking for a good excuse for a staycation! Enter: BABYMOON!!! Aka Birthday/Mothers Day/Father’s Day/Baby is coming soon combined CELEBRATION! And celebrating we did. #massages #soakertub #toomuchfood #sparklingcider #YOLO
T- ONE MONTH MICRO! Baby, don’t you dare make us wait any longer….. 😉


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