Beginnings can be scary.

The past year has brought beginnings in so many ways that it’s almost hard to remember what life looked like a few short months ago. Life happens, ready or not. Change is good. Change is necessary. Change means growth.

A lot has happened in a year. A new house, a new car, a new career, a new state, a new decade.

When I turned 30 I told myself I would finally start a blog.  Why finally you ask? Blogging has been a lingering thought in my mind for years. I’ve always wanted to give it a try but I was afraid that my blog would sit empty just like the 3 untouched journals I have sitting in my nightstand. I love the idea of keeping a was the implementation was always severely lacking. The only time I consistently wrote in a journal was the one I wrote to my husband while we were dating knowing that someday I would hand it to him while I was wearing white standing under a giant oak tree.  I guess it comes down to accountability.  If I imagine that others are reading I’ll put the proverbial pen to the paper. I am doing this for me but knowing you (might) be here makes me a bit more excited to start.  Whether it be the excitement and anticipation of year 30, accountability knowing that you (might) be here, or just a little big life change that got me going…here I am.

Cheers to newness, beginnings, and fresh starts!



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