I’ll never forget the night before my wedding when my dad jokingly said, “you realize, he is a Dodger fan…there’s still time to back out…”

All jokes aside my dad adores my husband.  They have a really sweet relationship and I am forever grateful for that. If my dad had it his way I would have married a Giants fan that also happens to be an Eagle Scout.  We don’t live in a perfect world.

What can I say? I am my fathers daughter!  If there were ONE thing I would change about Michael…it would be his allegiance to the blue devils. I can get over all of the other imperfections like how annoying he is to take shopping.  All things considered, I come out ahead.

With that said, it’s OCTOBER and in the Montgomery house October means a few things.  It means #wickedwitchSierraMadre, it means pumpkin patch adventures and our annual carving extravaganza, and if you ask me it most certainly it means ORANGE OCTOBER!

This weekend we made the trip to San Francisco for 2 of the 3 Giants vs. Dodger games. I mean, I’m not bragging or anything but not only WON those two games but we swept the series. It was a kick ass weekend. Thanks to the crew for making it the best ever!

I have a crap ton of pictures but I will just leave you with this special little treat!

Now, heres to the ORANGE and BLACK and #beliEVEN for ORANGE OCTOBER! Let’s do this boys.


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