Summer Love

I couldn’t let June come to an end without sharing a bit about our exciting month! I turned 32, we celebrated Mr Makings 1st Father’s Day, and also celebrated some pretty exciting changes that are headed our way soon. More on that later. Until then enjoy some of our June recaps!

May came to a close quickly. Mom has spent a ton of time recently helping us with the crazy schedules we’re juggling. We got some time after the end of a yucky work day to head out to the swings. It’s a family favorite! Fun fact: Mr Making proposed while we were at a park with swings.

We went to a Mariners game to support a family friend that has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers. She threw out the first pitch! We love baseball but we love our friends more!

We’ve been reading lots of books about camping so we can convince dad to take us camping for a weekend.

The most fun was for our Father’s Day celebration! We went to the Washington Brewers Festival for the 3rd year in a row. Last year I was pregnant and enjoyed root beer. This year was a different story! We also went out to a pizza lunch and little miss ate her weight in meatballs!

My birthday was a good time this year. I had to work (boo) but after work I got exactly what I wanted…quality time with my family! We enjoyed time oh side and a seafood feast!

Here’s to an exciting summer ahead!


My first Mother’s Day is in the books and it was a prefect one at that! When Mr. Making asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day I replied, “a nap!” Easy enough right? Not only did I get a nap but I got a perfectly lovely day with my sweet family. It was spectacular to say the least. I think we have a new Mother’s Day tradition in the making. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!


My husbands 30th birthday and our 10 year (dating) anniversary happened on the exact same day! Yes that means we stared seeing each other when he was 19!!!! Holy cow.

I really love birthdays and I think 30 is one for the books. I set out with an original plan of surprising him with a trip to San Francisco to see the Giants and Dodgers play. While the “surprise” element got derailed by, well, let’s just say “life”, we still made it to San Francisco. We’ve traveled quite a bit with Miss Pickles over the past 9 months so we knew what to expect. Traveling with a 9 month old is quite a bit different than traveling as a married couple sans babies, but it is just as fun!

We started out bright and early on Saturday which was Mr. Makings actual birthday. We headed straight for the airport and set on our way. Miss P got so many compliments on her giraffe onesie. It blows my mind that people call her a boy even when she’s wearing a pink and gold glittery onesie and a headband… I digress.

Onboard our flight Miss Pickles watched her very first Disney movie picked out by Mr. Making of course, the Lion King (followed by Toy Story… because well, 9 month old attention spans)! She was much more interested in using the buttons than actually watching the movie. No problem there! Furthermore, our little traveler was quite excited to interact with anyone that would pay attention to her.

When we landed we headed straight for BART and hopped on the first train into the city. When we got off we loaded up with a caffeine fix and set out for our hotel. I begged the hotel to let us check in early. I sweetened the pot by showing my adorable (yet very tired) baby to the front desk lady. I explained that we had a long day of celebrating ahead and we ALL needed a nap! She graciously allowed us into our room AND waived the fees! New parent score!!!

Miss P and I got to nap in prep for our adventures ahead. After a few weeks of training at my new job I REALLY needed the rest. I felt like I hadn’t slept more than about 20 minutes at a time in over a week. To say I was exhausted was an understatement. I can always judge my level of exhaustion by the amount of satisfaction I get with a small power nap. Like mama like baby!

Then it was time for the big game! It was Miss Pickles first time to the ball park (outside of my belly). This was a day I’ve looked forward since before she was born! The pictures speak for themselves.

We didn’t spend much time at our seats. Instead we walked around, grabbed food and beers, and kept Pickles entertained. I realized when we left, I couldn’t even tell you who pitched (aside from Pablo Sandoval in the 9th because THAT was cool) or even what the score was (other than the Giants got their ass whooped) at any point throughout the game or after we left. This is a totally different experience.

After Miss P went down for the night I took birthday boy to a really nice dinner with a killer bottle of wine and way too much food. Special memories!

We had a great time all around! Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Book Lover

I’ve always been a book lover. I remember getting my very first library card back in 1991. Going to the library was always a highlight of our summer vacations. I thought it was so cool that I could get as MANY books as I wanted!!! Amelia Bedelia, Berenstain Bears, Baby Sitters Club Little Sister Series, and Arthur we’re top picks every time. I can remember going to the library to check out audio books (back in my day we called them “books on tape”) before long car rides or family road trips. I can remember the smallest details of our local library, where my favorite books were located, the children’s check out desk, and the smell… oh the smell!!!! I remember taking walks through the rose garden (and running away from bees) after we checked out books and if we were lucky walking down to the park to read under the big oak trees and play on the swings. When I got a bit older I remember riding my bike down to the library and doing homework in the “grown up” section. Such fond memories!

Anyway, when we moved to the PNW it was top priority to get a library card. I high tailed my butt over to our gorgeous public library and signed up. I began checking out books written by Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants and plowing though every title by Jon Acuff and Shauna Niequist. I’m a woman of many interests.. haha!

Shortly thereafter my check out log consisted of parenting books. My favorite, to this day, being Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman.

When I went on extended maternity leave my NUMBER ONE task on my to-do list was taking Miss Pickles to the library for the very first time. We had a blast, to say the least.

I can’t wait for Miss P to get her very first library card someday in the future.

Easter 2018

I felt like a real jack-hole of a mom around Christmas. Only slightly though, because Christmas is not about picture perfect staged Instagram photos of stocking stuffed gift giving for goodness sake.

I really did feel like a jack-hole, not just because I wasn’t able to sword fight with other mamas on instagram #santacame, but TRULY because I imagined my daughter asking me in 5 years, “mama what did Santa bring me my first Christmas?”

A plane ticket to LA and a few airport cocktails, honey. Of course!

Why would she ask me this? Because she’s my daughter, obviously! I’m confident I’ve been hell bent on keeping up traditions since I could first say the word “tradition”. And if I had to bet, likely before. I am my mothers daughter, and if I know anything about genetics it is THAT tiny apple did not fall far from THIS tree…

I’m screwed.

So I decided to salvage my future reputation and got this little chick an Easter basket filled with her favorite things in hopes of the conversation being diverted all-together. Pouch, biscuits, poofs, a new book, a toy remote (which is, come to find out, a failed attempt at keeping her paws off the real one), a new special jacket, and a really cute outfit from Gymboree. Perfection! I kept it simple and to the point!

Maryns first Easter Basket

I’ll give my most dedicated effort to raising my children to be appreciate of the gifts they receive hoping they don’t grow up to be mini-hoarders with shitty little attitudes. I’ll do my best to avoid the gluttonous consumerist mindset filled with the crazy lies of Pinterest mom-offs and Hallmark holidays. I desperately want my kids to know why we celebrate Easter (and Christmas) and find value in keeping gift giving, house decorating, and over the top Instagram worthy Pinterest-mom offs humble. I will likely make heart shaped pancakes on Valentine’s Day, you know, for tradition! And for perspective sake “gift giving” is my identified Love Language… so when I say keep it humble…let’s meet in the middle here, mmmk? Call me a buzz kill, I draw the line at filling the toilet with green dye “leprechaun pee” on St. Patrick’s Day.

You smell like beef and cheese

Also, I swear if there was not an “Easter Bunny” dressed up at church (ugh nightmares make that TWO “Easter Bunnies” dressed up at church) I would have never taken this picture. Weeks leading up to Easter I told Michael I couldn’t to do this whole sitting on the Easter Bunny’s lap thing. We agreed it wasn’t our style. Then in an effort to totally creep me out do something festive and fun, our Church dressed up some Junior high kids to take pictures with families after the service. Anyway, it was a really cute setting and I wanted the picture. What was I to do, kick out the pre-pubescent tiny human under that faux fir costume calling himself the “Easter Bunny” so I could use the backdrop? #byeEasterBunny. Dream crushing, likely. Chances are, I’m already referred to in church governing meetings as the woman with the newborn who peeled out of the parking lot after 10:00 am service. I need to learn to keep a low profile. I opted in keeping my cool with the “bunny”. It was Resurrection Sunday after all. Jesus is ALIVE, Amen?


5 weeks

I swore I wouldn’t be the mom that counts weeks long past 6, or responds to, “how old is the little one?” with the answer of, “47 months”. YUCK. So annoying. Haha…yet here I am… proud of each day that went into these 33 weeks!

Counting weeks happened organically. Each day we survived felt like a badge of honor and the weeks felt like climbing Mt. Everest! I started documenting our journey with a weekly photo with loves and loathes hand lettered over those images. Here we are 33 weeks later we have a lot of hilarious hand lettered pictures to look back on. I’m thrilled to have these weekly memories documented. This is becoming Micro Montgoms baby book!

This week has been so good for our souls. Lots has been happening in the Montgomery house over the last few weeks. Some exciting stuff, some scary stuff, and lots of “new” stuff.

This week started with me taking the remaining portion of my maternity leave that I didn’t take after I gave birth. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this time! We kicked it off with a family 5k and a hard AF workout in the gym. Rejuvenating my soul feels oh so refreshing.

Maternity leave feels freeing. I’ve needed this time so badly. I’m looking forward to projects, daydreaming, journaling, churching, hanging with friends, and enjoying slow mornings, long naps, lots of coffee and heavy lifting at the gym.

So far, We’ve been taking care of odds and ends around the house and spending time together. My girlfriend Jill (check out her blog) brought her handsome little Bub over for a lunch date and much needed mama hang time. The only thing missing was margaritas. Next time! Mr and I went out for mid afternoon beers and a slow stroll through the supermarket. We had some friends over for dinner and drinks and adult conversation…and felt like normal humans while both of our girls slept upstairs. We’ve been enjoying good laughs… and that feels like such a treat. 5 weeks of slowing down, remembering what matters, and spending quality time with the ones we love. Time is already going too fast!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been getting adventurous with our Baby Led Weaning. She’s had quite a few goodies including kale, avocado, apples, and gelato. Whoops! The pediatrician recommended we give her peanut butter right around 6 months. She is a bit older than 6 months but so grateful for no reactions. All of these new foods make for changes in pooping patterns and some significant changes in smell. Woof!

Speaking of, my first morning on maternity leave 2.0 I woke up to Mr. coughing from the baby’s room. I wasn’t quite sure what was happening as I was still half asleep. The coughing progressed and the bath tub turned on. I could hear gagging noises and I just couldn’t help myself. I was laughing so hard. Finally I decided to be a good wife and go lend a hand for reinforcements. I walked in to Mr holding naked baby bum side forward under a running faucet in the tub. I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks. He explained to me that it was all the way up to her neck. Yep, sounds about right! He’s not just being dramatic, that shit STINKS! It doesn’t make me gag, but let me tell you, it’s NOT just normal human poop. If you’re wondering… YES! We’re still cloth diapering!

In other news the CrossFit Open is done. This wasn’t my best year… and I can understand why. I had a baby 7 months ago, and since then making it to the gym 2x a week should be considered a major victory. It’s always fun to see the community come together to cheer each other on. I’m inspired to work on getting core strength back, PRing my squat clean, and practicing muscle ups and hand stand push-ups. Here’s to a few weeks of shoulder rest and rehab… ouch! We found out Miss Pickles does NOT enjoy her fathers CrossFit rage.


Primetime Olympic coverage is a huge deal in the Montgomery house. It takes us back to the first summer Michael and I dated. We had just returned from a month long trip to Uganda and moved in to “The Mods” (little mobile houses on campus across the walkway from each other). We hooked the TV up to a pair of bunny ears and watched what we deemed as “Prime Time Olympic Coverage” for 2 weeks straight. It was August of 2008 before our roommates moved in so we would lay on a blanket on the living room floor (hey we didn’t have furniture) and I swear we watched it around the clock… or, well at our private Christian University we had curfew.. so until 10:00pm when I had to kick him out. We’ve looked forward to the Olympics every 2 years since Beijing. This year we were so stoked for Miss Pickles first Prime Time Olympic Coverage that we had to celebrate with a special uni. We realize she won’t remember watching it with us but boy is it fun to instill the love for the games in her heart from a young age.

A few days ago my mom flew in to help with childcare. We love having her in town because she helps a ton, but she also brings gifts like Pickles Olympics uni and a new quilt just to name a few. For a few weeks months now we’ve been cracking up at the way Pickles puts her arms back when we hold her. Since Christmas we have said it almost looks like she is trying to be a super hero flying through the air. We never really could pinpoint what it was that she was doing but we always got a good laugh out of her signature move. When the olympics started my mom said, “A SKI JUMPER! That’s what she is! A SKI JUMPER!” Yes, that’s the exact move. She looks just like a ski jumper! We all had a good laugh and joked that maybe one day she would be in the Olympics for ski jumping…all because of this goofy move she does with her arms.

See exhibit A:

This morning I was working from home and locked myself in our bedroom so I could focus. Between calls I ran downstairs to grab some breakfast and refill my coffee. I turned the corner to see Mom and Pickles watching the TV. Mom was cracking up.

“Did you hear? The girl that won the Olympic Gold for Ski Jumping…. her name is MAREN!!! Spelled with an E. But, Maren!”

I seriously thought she was messing with me.

Google it.

Maren Lundby Olympic Gold Medalist.

So, 2034… we’re coming for you!

He’s so Cute!

Apparently I dress my beautiful baby girl like a stylish little boy… all the time! We hear what a cute son we have so regularly that it’s become a joke in our house. This morning we had a good little chuckle about our “son”. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to document.

This morning I got up before everyone (even the baby). Work has been pretty busy so I needed a few minutes to myself before the day started. When M started chirping around we all began our day. After feeding her I passed her to Michael so I could get a few things done before I had to go to the office. I went into Maryn’s room and picked out an outfit for her to wear for the day and tinkered around in there for a minute. I went downstairs and a few minutes later I realized Michael was getting her dressed. I went back upstairs and as I walked into her room he said, “I assumed you set those clothes out because you wanted her to wear them?”

“Yep!”, I replied semi paying attention to him.

Note: he is perfectly capable of getting her dressed and I have full belief that he can pick out a perfectly fine outfit for her, I was just trying to speed things up this morning and make everyone’s lives a bit easier.

“Alright he’s dressed” he said as he picked her up off of her changing mat… “and he looks so cute!!!!!” He was laughing hysterically then held her up for me to take her. For several minutes he carried on about how she looked just like like a rancher boy and that it’s no wonder strangers think she is a boy! We both got one heck of a laugh.

I thought she looked perfectly adorable in her cute plaid hand-me-down button up shirt from baby-Rachel! Between laughter, I told Michael to stop being ridiculous, to put the cardigan and bow that I set out too, on her, and to stop calling her a boy!

A few minutes passed and we both got over her outfit. Michael said he wanted to run to Starbucks before I had to leave so he packed up the baby and headed out. I needed to finish putting on my makeup and pick out an outfit for the day. I opened my drawer to see a blue plaid shirt sitting right on top. I started cracking up as I got dressed and topped my outfit with a white cardigan too.

Michael came home from Starbucks as I was packing up my lunch and as soon as he walked in he said, “awwww my boys look so cute today in their matching outfits!” We both laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes!

Lucky for you, every morning before I leave for work I take a picture with Mar. Feast your eyes on these little twinsters.

(It should be noted that I do not think we look like boys.)

(It should also be noted that it doesn’t bother me if people say she is a boy I just get a good internal chuckle over it. Sometimes I even respond “thank you, we love him!” Strangers don’t know and it makes me laugh… even when HE is wearing pink!!!)

(It should also be noted that although I have full confidence in him… Michael does NOT ALWAYS pick out good outfits…see gray headband with pink floral design and red romper with little dotted pattern below! Yuck. Good thing she makes up for it with those gorgeous eyes and chubby cheeks!)

First Time Mom Blog

I was on the phone this evening with my mother in law sharing a hilarious story about today’s mishaps caused by my “mom brain” (and my severe lack of sleep). When I finished telling her the story and we both caught our breath from cracking up she said, “that should be a story on a mom blog.” That was just the inspiration I needed to share this wildly entertaining “situation” I faced today. Because, well… I have a “first time mom” blog :-)!!!

I’ve been working from home all week which is an incredible blessing and quite the change of pace from the last few months of work. I find it especially refreshing to be home after a 10 day trip out of state. We’re working on establishing routines and trying to get some sort of normalcy around here. Being home to nurse the baby between conference calls, emails, and studying new material is all I need to ease my heart back into being away from her for 10+ hours a day here in a few more weeks. This morning I was working in the kitchen when Michael and Pickles came down to start their day. I told Michael I had to head down to the office to get some work done and wanted to talk through our game plan for the day. We decided that it would be best to pull some mama milk out of the freezer for Pickles and I could restock our stash by pumping on my commute to the office, just like I normally do.

I wrapped up a few tasks, packed up my bag (pump, lunch, work supplies, etc.) and got ready to head out. It’s important to understand that I have my “normal work schedule” morning routine down to a science. I have found (after lots of trial and error) the most efficient way to get out of the house quickly without forgetting a thing… and maximizing my time with the lady before work! Part of this routine includes hooking up my pumping parts to my boobs before getting in the car. It’s much faster to do this while standing at the kitchen counter than fumbling around in the car before leaving the driveway. Yes, I really do pump to and from work every single day! Although this morning wasn’t a “normal” day… I slipped back into my “normal” routine….just like riding a bike!

Here’s how it went…I put the funnel looking part (technical term: “flange” But that’s too fancy for my taste) up against my boob (technical term: breast.. blah blah blah. At least I refrained from saying tit) and popped on the other part (no idea the technical term let’s just call it the connector) that just presses on the flange. This is absolutely the most important part because it is what plugs into the pump to get the milk flowing. Normally, I would screw on a bottle to the end of each of these connector parts and head out to the car. Today.. I forgot the bottle. Those of you nursing mamas out there are already shaking your head vigorously because you KNOW exactly where this story is going…

So I proceed to grab my 932 bags and strut my happy ass out to the car with my nips poking through this gizmo hanging out of my bra. Look all you want neighbors… I got a baby to feed. This mama is on a mission!

I plugged the pump in, connect the adaptor part to the sucking tubes.. and crank that pup up to full blast. I threw the car in reverse and set out for a quick little jaunt to the office. I felt really proud of myself as I felt a letdown start. I swear I chanted to myself “you’re a BOSS MAMA! Look at you go!!!! Big. Ass. Letdown wooooooo!!!!” When I started feeling my lap get warm.

I looked down to see Niagara Falls flowing mama milk all over my lap. ALL. OVER. MY. LAP. I FORGOT TO SCREW ON THE BOTTLES.

I flipped a U-ie and headed back home. I marched inside drenched in mama milk and announced that this was NOT yet the time to laugh. I changed my clothes. Screwed on some bottles. And cringed over the 2 oz of lost mama milk. We both got a good chuckle because seriously as annoyed as I was with my mom brain, who could resist laughing at a situation like this? I proceeded to send some video chats to a few of my mama milk friends to let them know of my huge blunder. Sometimes… it’s okay to laugh about spilled milk!

Polar Express 2017

Last Friday I took the day off work and we headed out for the most magical journey on the Polar Express with our sweet friends Brenna and Cory and their beautiful little bug! This season is incredibly magical now that we have Miss Pickles. The traditions we’re starting as a family and with our friends makes for exciting years to come. It’s days like this that I live for… the ones that make this season so so sweet! Here’s our sweet highlight video. We love you Brenna, Cory, and little bug!