There are three compliments in the world that make me the happiest.  Cat heart eye emoji happy.

First, “you smell good”…. Thank you Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, Philosophy Amazing Grace, and Tocca Stella (my 3 favorite scents), if you were wondering!

Second, “You have beautiful teeth”…….ummm, just wow.

Third, “Your eyebrows are perfect”…. I die.

The truth is.. I got my brows semi-permanent (micro blade) a few weeks ago and the compliments have been flooding in. These brows have come a long way in 30 years. Thank you Brow Queen– you’re a dream come true!

After first appointment
before and after (first appointment)

If you’re in the PNW and looking for a killer semi-permeant Brow Goddess, give my girl a call, e-mail, or message.. she’s incredible!

Instagram: seattle3dbrows


Phone: 206.883.8715


Q: Does it hurt?

A: Yes, it hurts. Duh. But as mama always said, “Beauty is pain! suck it up baby girl!”  It’s not terrible.  She also will numb you. I promise its not terrible! I PROMISE!

Q: Do you have to pluck your brows?

A: Yes, but you have a killer shape to follow.

Q: Do you have to get it touched up?

A: Yes, its semi-permanent.  She does your initial session and a follow up 6 weeks later.  In about a year I will go see here again.  Until then they’re perfect!

Q: Are you glad you did it?

A: I can’t imagine anything different now. My makeup takes less than 5 minutes each morning.

Do yourself a favor, and give her a call!


One thought on “Compliments

  1. Having you find your way into my studio is such a blessing. The opportunity to do what I love (brows) for you and having you adore our experience
    together, enough to blog on it. I am beyond satisfied with knowing I am able to compliment your beauty with dreamy brows! Extremely rewarding!!! Keep being who you’re, I love it. 💁🏻😊😍🤗😜☺️

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