F.G. in the House

My mom came to town for a whole week to help out with Maryn girl. It was like heaven. My mom has some pretty significant health issues including a bad back. You would have never known she was in pain… she was running on love and adrenaline! We absolutely loved having her here and are really counting down days until she comes back. Saying goodbye sucked. Sucked bad.

While she was here we went down to the water and took some 3 generation photos! Maryn wore the outfit I wore for my first Thanksgiving. My mom reminded me I was 5 months old wearing this dress. Maryn was a whopping 5 weeks! This little girl is quite sturdy.

Mom spoiled all 3 of us by taking us shopping (a fridge full of groceries for M&M and a haul of clothes for Mini M), she sent me away for an afternoon pedicure sans baby and only sent out the SOS when it was time for her to be hooked up to the boob. She even cooked up a batch of all of our favorite things (cookies, muffins, and banana bread… hello weight gain… woops!) The best treat of all was watching her love on our girl. All of the snuggles and kisses… including the early morning shift so mama and papa could get an extra wink. Mom has a way of getting little to calm down.

If you’re wondering… Micro blew out a diaper all over that beautiful purple dress. We decided she protests hand-me-downs….. spoiled! Luckily we had another cute outfit in the diaper bag and continued our photo shoot!

One thought on “F.G. in the House

  1. Thank you Megan for the lovely words. It really means so much to me. I always knew I was meant to be a mom, I believed it was my true calling in life. I now know that I needed to be your mom to be Maryn’s grandma…the ultimate calling in my life. When I brought you and your brother home from the hospital I knew there had never been a greater joy in my life. Spending the week with Maryn has exceeded that joy ( after all my lady bits feel fine lol). I too am counting down the days until I see her again (49). I love you all high as the sky…

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