Halloween 2017

Halloween has been a special tradition in our family since I was a kid. I’ve always looked forward to the fun of dressing up, eating too much candy, and picking out the perfect pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.

Michael and I have started our own traditions throughout the years. We have some friends in Southern California that host the most elaborate street gathering of chaotic Halloween goodness every year. For many years in the past I have played the “Queen of Halloween” witch role. This year it was time to pass the torch so I could enjoy Mar girls first Halloween and tend to her needs.

Michael and I decided to take a week of PTO and fly south for the last week of October. It was so fun to take the little chick on her first flight and spend a week with family in Michaels hometown. We didn’t want to anybody hyped up on seeing us should we have to bail out last minute. Therefore, we kept our itinerary hush-hush and only filled in 2 gate keepers on our hope to appear at the Halloween bash. We weren’t sure on a 3 hour car ride and how Miss Pickles would do while we were in town. Besides, surprises are way more fun! Miss Pickles did great on the flight and even better on the car ride down south. She slept the whole 3 hour ride from SLO to LA. WHAT LUCK!

We made a highlight video to show you some of the fun things we did while on the central coast and in LA. It sure is nice to “SLO down” every once in a while. We even snuck out for a date just the two of us while Miss Pickles snuggled the afternoon away with Grandma. The wine was good and the company was better.

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