He’s so Cute!

Apparently I dress my beautiful baby girl like a stylish little boy… all the time! We hear what a cute son we have so regularly that it’s become a joke in our house. This morning we had a good little chuckle about our “son”. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to document.

This morning I got up before everyone (even the baby). Work has been pretty busy so I needed a few minutes to myself before the day started. When M started chirping around we all began our day. After feeding her I passed her to Michael so I could get a few things done before I had to go to the office. I went into Maryn’s room and picked out an outfit for her to wear for the day and tinkered around in there for a minute. I went downstairs and a few minutes later I realized Michael was getting her dressed. I went back upstairs and as I walked into her room he said, “I assumed you set those clothes out because you wanted her to wear them?”

“Yep!”, I replied semi paying attention to him.

Note: he is perfectly capable of getting her dressed and I have full belief that he can pick out a perfectly fine outfit for her, I was just trying to speed things up this morning and make everyone’s lives a bit easier.

“Alright he’s dressed” he said as he picked her up off of her changing mat… “and he looks so cute!!!!!” He was laughing hysterically then held her up for me to take her. For several minutes he carried on about how she looked just like like a rancher boy and that it’s no wonder strangers think she is a boy! We both got one heck of a laugh.

I thought she looked perfectly adorable in her cute plaid hand-me-down button up shirt from baby-Rachel! Between laughter, I told Michael to stop being ridiculous, to put the cardigan and bow that I set out too, on her, and to stop calling her a boy!

A few minutes passed and we both got over her outfit. Michael said he wanted to run to Starbucks before I had to leave so he packed up the baby and headed out. I needed to finish putting on my makeup and pick out an outfit for the day. I opened my drawer to see a blue plaid shirt sitting right on top. I started cracking up as I got dressed and topped my outfit with a white cardigan too.

Michael came home from Starbucks as I was packing up my lunch and as soon as he walked in he said, “awwww my boys look so cute today in their matching outfits!” We both laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes!

Lucky for you, every morning before I leave for work I take a picture with Mar. Feast your eyes on these little twinsters.

(It should be noted that I do not think we look like boys.)

(It should also be noted that it doesn’t bother me if people say she is a boy I just get a good internal chuckle over it. Sometimes I even respond “thank you, we love him!” Strangers don’t know and it makes me laugh… even when HE is wearing pink!!!)

(It should also be noted that although I have full confidence in him… Michael does NOT ALWAYS pick out good outfits…see gray headband with pink floral design and red romper with little dotted pattern below! Yuck. Good thing she makes up for it with those gorgeous eyes and chubby cheeks!)

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