Megan Making

Every June 22nd mom calls me and says, “One hot summer day dad was in the yard building a fence…”  I guess you can say, I love me a good birth story…

Every good birth story needs a bit of background…



In 2006 I decided to pursue a career in education after a few years of “exploring” my future.  This “exploration” phase had me all sorts of confused. I made a bunch of strange (and expensive) choices while I tried out a degree in psychology (NOPE) and dabbled with the idea of trying business school, pursuing full time ministry or even firefighting.  However, it was always education that kept my interest long enough to pursue a piece of paper that costs upwards of 100k that would eventually hang in an office above a desk and collect dust while I  (hopefully) earn a salary large enough to pay off that piece of paper… and make a decent living.  In 2010 I earned the formal title “Master of Teaching”. I was a kindergarten teacher, planning a wedding the following summer, and in a shit ton of debt.

I’ve always loved and been fascinated by education. I can remember my favorite child activity was playing school. I would eagerly opt out of recess time to help my teachers with chores in their classrooms.  I even remember spending my summer breaks riding my bike to school to check out if the teachers were on campus and needed help in their classrooms or if the classroom assignments were posted for the next year.  Teachers ARE heroes and have always been the ones I’ve looked up to most.  I guess you can say I was always a natural (teachers pet).

I spent 5 years in the classroom (kinder, 1st, and 4th grades) when I took a very risky leap of faith and quit.  Although, I didn’t know what was next, I knew it was the right decision.  Maybe someday I’ll share more about my job seeking journey! It was a WILD ride.

I declined invitations to teach summer school, told I was making a huge mistake, and begged over many glasses of wine/lots of tears to please reconsider leaving education.  “There are only a few good ones like you Megan, don’t leave education.  WE need you, THEY need you, I need you!” they said.  I need me too, I knew there was something else. I knew it.  I gave myself an ultimatum, you have until September 1, 2015 to GET. IT. TOGETHER… or teach another year and figure it out.

LONG story short– I ended up with a job offer in the corporate training world 10 days shy of my self-given ultimatum.  Thank you Jesus!  I am a teacher…my people are just a bit bigger.

Its been a full year in my new role which means a full year away from classroom teaching.  It also means two first days of school and lots of milestones in-between.  It makes me kinda, sorta, a little bit miss elementary education. (DISCLAIMER: Teacher friends, don’t get your hopes up.)

One of the biggest things I miss about classroom teaching was the creative freedom I had. I really enjoyed designing curriculum, decorating bulletin boards, and finding projects to enhance the learning.  You can turn a few popsicle sticks, some glitter, and yarn into anything you want…just add imagination!

I was itching for some crafty fun so I started spending my free time making cards, learning to do modern calligraphy and practically bathing in embossing powder.  “You can sell this stuff! You have a gift.  Would you make this for me?” they all said.

So, in March I did it. I opened an Instagram account called @MeganMaking followed by an Etsy shop  I’m not your half-assed type of gal so I decided a blog made for the perfect trifecta.

So there we have it, the birth of Megan Making!  Next March, I’ll probably tell the story like this “One cool March day covered in embossing powder I realized how hungry I was for a creative outlet when I got this crazy little idea….”


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