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The PNW has all of my favorite things including coffee, beer, and my best friend.  We moved up here at the beginning of October 2015. To celebrate our move we met up with Rachel and Jeff for a fall date… because PNW does fall right!  Up here, the leaves turn colors, we have cool crisp mornings when you can see your breath in the air, and most importantly there are awesome places to get pumpkins.  I have been a big fan of the show Little People Big World for quite some time so naturally we had to visit Roloff Farms for our first trip to Portland.  Last year it POURED so much so that we stopped by the Farm only for a quick pic with Amy and Auj, a short browse around the gift shop, and to jump in a few puddles.   We ended up at McMenamins for lunch, beer, and drying off.  It was a quick trip…TOO quick!

Roloff Farms 2015 (we always laugh that it looks like Michael’s hand is on Jeff’s knee!!)
Roloff Farms 2015

This year we had BIG plans to go to Portland for the weekend.  We wanted to spend time hanging out with our best friends exploring around town, going to breweries, and no doubt lots of laughs.  Unfortunately on Thursday the weather man started saying stupid stuff like “holy crap the zombie apocalypse is coming” (or something like the biggest storm of the world is coming..whatever) and scared us straight out of going to Portland. Never trust the weatherman.  All weekend long we waited out the joke storm and eventually decided to head down to PDX for a day trip.  Jeff made sure to pack a lot in our time including Roloff Farms (of course with a picture with Auj and PUMPKINS THIS TIME!!!), 2 breweries, Salt and Straw, AND Nike Employee Store.  Note to self: Nike is DANGEROUS.  I spent my Christmas budget AND MORE!  I LOVE NIKE!  We had a ton of fun! Our best friends are always the best part of the trip.  Spending time with them is like home.  You know, full heart, warm hugs, quality conversation, my people kind of home.  Home is what we both needed.  We love you R&J and your friendship means the most to us.  Countdown to Thanksgiving begins NOW!  Until then, enjoy a little video I made to show off our trip.

2016 Roloff Farms Besties
2016 Roloff Farms


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